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21 Feb

So, does anyone know how to get crayon out of, well, everything? My girl turned 19 months recently and is currently the resident artist of the house.

I know, I know..put the crayons out of reach. I do! Her brother gets them down for her while I’m in the bathroom and then he finds a comfy spot to settle in and watch the fun ensue. Earlier in the week she scribbled on about 5 square feet of hardwood floor in dark blue crayon. I won’t show you a picture of that because I don’t want to give you a heart attack (which is what basically happened to me when I saw it). Also I’m not one of those cool parents who, when their kids make a gargantuan mess, immediately grabs their camera to capture the whimsy of it all. No, my first instincts sent me running for the rags and cleaner and I scrubbed. Maybe I’ll regret that one day, as I’m watching them drive away to college, or walk down the aisle. But hey, it’s hard to change your natural instincts! I like a clean house. Or definitely just not crayon all over everything.

I also felt bad later because what if my baby has such a high level of creativity that she just has to get it out however she can? She must create!!! And here I am squelching that with my rags and Method bottles. People try to squelch Banksy too, but it doesn’t stop him. Drat, I’m no better than the squares who try to suppress free thinkers.

People who excel in their crafts always talk about how their parents turned themselves upside-down to give them outlets to do what made them happy as a child. I think I remember Gabby Douglas’ mom talking about being basically penniless because the gym fees were thousands of dollars per month. Plus she let Gabby move halfway across the country to train at like, what, 12? I don’t know how I would handle it if I was in her shoes, but I can imagine I would be like “Sorry hon, you can’t do gymnastics anymore. Mommy and Daddy have lost their house.” It’s got to take some incredible faith to trust your child enough to follow them into something so uncertain. Plus think about all the gymnasts who train like that but don’t win gold at the Olympics. It’s a risk.

I know ultimately, if the situation arose where either of my kids fell that much in love with something, I would do anything I could to help them grow and continue with it. I just might be around a little less on account of the three jobs I’m working.


80’s Music and Advertising

11 Feb

First of all, I just found out this weekend via Satellite Radio that Manic Monday is not a Cyndi Lauper song. You thought it was a Cyndi song too, didn’t you?? Whatever, yes you did. Anyway, no. It’s by the Bangles! The Bangles, who apparently, also did Walk Like an Egyptian, which I always thought was done by The Pretenders. Evidently my 80’s pop music trivia needs some work. I feel like I owe the Bangle girls an apology for thinking someone else did all their songs. The only song I thought was theirs is We’ve Got the Beat, but I’m sure I’m wrong about that too. <pause for Google search> Yep.

So anyway, enough about the things I thought I knew which have turned out to be wrong, which is a topic we could continue to explore for days. Here’s what I really wanted to tell you:

It turns out that with the acquisition of a DVR system in our home, that we don’t watch commercials at all. Upsides to this: no annoying commercials. Downside: we never know what movies are out because we miss all the trailers.

Anyway, we always thought this was a great thing for the kids because since they see no commercials, we figured we wouldn’t have to deal with them begging for whatever random toy was being shoved down their throats on TV. As it is, if our 4 year old sees even a minute of a toy commercial both of his pupils will literally turn into the shape of a star and his body is transported through time and space to a land where his very existence hinges on ownership of this toy. The next words out of his mouth will be “M..MAMA. MAMA. I Wa..I Ne…CAN I HAVETHAT”

So yeah, we try to keep the commercials at bay, but lately I feel like maybe that’s backfiring. For the last few weeks we’ve been asking him what he wants for his birthday next month. Here’s how one conversation went:


DADDY: So Wil, have you been thinking about what you want for your birthday?

WILSON: Yeah, so you know that part in Star Wars where Darth Maul kills Yoda?

DADDY: That never happened. Yoda died of natural causes.

WILSON: Oh yeah. Well I want that for my birthday.


WILSON (watching Spiderman): Mama, look at Spiderman climbing up the side of that building!

ME: Oh yeah, cool!

WILSON: I want that for my birthday.


Poor kid. What have we done? The other day his grandma asked him what he wants for his birthday and he went into great (yet somehow still very much vague) detail about some transformers toy they have in the childcare area at the gym. I have never seen this toy.

So we’re all very much confused on exactly what to get this child for his birthday next month. I’m thinking, to make up for the fact that we can’t get him the act of Darth Maul killing Yoda, we’re going to have to go big. Like, new bike, big. Maybe he’ll be so excited by it that he won’t realize he didn’t receive the power to climb the side of a building?



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