Chocolate Wallets and Fancy Chili

25 Oct

Alright, I hate going so long without a post. The people around me suffer greatest when I don’t post regularly, because I jabber on even more than normal.

What’s been happening? First of all, my blog has acquired a number of new followers and “likers” whom I don’t know in real life. That’s kind of cool and scary at the same time. Though, strangers are just friends we haven’t yet met, isn’t that what they say? Course, strangers sometimes stalk and murder us too, but I’m sure that’s over-thinking it.

Let’s talk about why I haven’t been on the computer writing blog posts:

Remember when I told you our desktop computer wouldn’t turn on after the power went out? Well that was a whole thing where my incredibly computer savvy husband had to order a part and fix it, and as a result “the big computer”, as I call it, was out of service. I can blog from the WordPress app on my phone, but really, it’s a beating to work from such a small screen. With the recent death of our laptop, that leaves only the tablet. I try only to use the tablet sporadically because it hates my guts. We do not work well together, and it almost never does what I want it to. I fat-finger everything; it’s like I’m wearing oven mitts. I tried to post from the tablet once before, and when I hit “Publish”, it acted like I hit “Move to Trash”. I also learned the hard way not to try to use Facebook’s “poke” feature on the tablet (my husband and I have a fierce and long-standing Facebook poke war). Things can get awkward real fast when you accidentally poke the wrong person. Trust me.

So anyway, I haven’t really had the means to post for a couple of weeks. Here are some other reasons I’ve been away:

Life’s been busy, ok? It’s been a busy month. Plus the kids were sick. Don’t you hate how people with young kids blame everything on their kids being sick? Like at work, it’s a total get-out-of-jail-free card. Man that used to irritate me before I had kids.

A fair amount of any computer time I do get is devoted to the Etsy shop my mom and I have launched, and reading about how to operate an Etsy shop. I’m not that good at it yet.

My 15-month old has a new penchant for throwing important items away, and a good part of my life is spent cleaning trash remnants off of stuff. We are 99.3% sure she tossed the old iPhone my son uses for games sometime this summer, which was the last time any of us can remember seeing it. Last week she secretly threw away her Daddy’s wallet shortly before I decided to dump a container of old baking cocoa into the trash can. I’ve had that cocoa in the back of my pantry for the last 5 years and I chose that moment to decide to pitch it. Coincidence, Irony, or Murphy’s Law?

Chocolate Wallet

I still like to set aside time to play Draw Something.  By the way, what’s a “Zacefron”? Is he from Transformers?

Also, we’re working on getting our wills drafted. It’s a huge bummer and forces me to think about a bunch of stuff that I’d prefer not to dwell on. So that’s a downer. Looking forward to getting them done and filed away.

Anyway, that’s what’s up. Also, I made Trisha Yearwood’s Fancy Chili for dinner last night. I love her, largely because she’s married to Garth Brooks, whom I adore. I figure if I make Trisha’s chili and serve it to my family, then we are all one Kevin Bacon step closer to Garth. It was good! I couldn’t decide whether to serve it over rice or cornbread, so I made both. For the record, we all agreed we preferred the cornbread.

Fancy Chili

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