a baddish kind of day

11 Oct

Earlier this week I had kind of a bad day from start to finish. Maybe it was that post I did about how I really don’t have “bad days” since I get to spend them with my kids. Is that Murphy’s Law?
My husband and I have a game called “Murphy’s Law, Irony, or Coincidence” in which we evaluate scenarios and decide which label fits best. Some are easy, but others have gotten us into some pretty heavy debates. This game is rivaled only by our people-watching favorite “Freak or Geek?”
Anyway, so I had a bad day. It started that morning when I forgot to bring my water to the gym. I powered through because I am NOT purchasing another bottle of water for $3 from their vending machine.
Came home and threw a load of dirty diapers in the wash. Now, I can’t remember if I put this in my Cloth Diaper post or not, but it’s common knowledge within the cloth diapering community that as soon as you get your diapers most of the way through the wash process, your baby WILL have the largest, messiest poo they’ve had in days (Murphy’s Law, Irony, or Coincidence?). Only a slightly less well known adage is “15 minutes after you start a load of dirty diapers, your electricity will go out for 5 hours”. I managed to fulfill both that day. So with my baby’s diapers sitting in my washer like the world’s grossest stew, I faced no lights, no air, and that ultimate of fears – what if my phone dies and I have no way to charge it!?!?

There was this whole thing in there before I figured out it was a neighborhood outage, where I decided to flip the main switch on the fuse box to see if it was tripped or whatever. I ended up flipping it off and not being able to get it back on again. So for about 30 minutes we had double negative no electricity. Texting my husband about this, he offered to come home and help, but there was no way I was gonna let him leave work, drive home, waltz over, flip that switch in two seconds, then look at me like “really?”
I eventually had to manually lift the garage door so I could see, put on both my garden gloves, and push that switch with all my might. There are so few moments in life when you accomplish something that truly makes you feel powerful. After that switch slid into the ON position, I pranced back in the house thinking I got this.
Thankfully the children engaged in nap scenario #3, where they both sleep at the same time. After they woke up we spent the rest of the black-out in my daughter’s room with the window open, so they never really knew what was going on.

The next batch of fun came at about 5pm, when the power finally came back on. I breathed a sigh of relief as the washer full of diapers resumed where it had left off. I immediately started cooking dinner.
Yes, I was going too quickly. Yes, was using my mandolin cutter without the finger guard. Yes, I have a tendency toward injury in the kitchen. I sliced my thumb, bled profusely, and rendered my right hand completely useless for the immediate future. It wasn’t an option to call my husband and cry for help. Not after conquering the fuse box. And besides, I had already used the “come home now, and bring food…I’m cut!” plea when I julienned my index finger two weeks ago.
It took me forever, but I finished cooking one-handed. And no I didn’t bleed in the food, if that’s what you’re thinking.

Four days later we’re still suffering the effects from that day. For some reason, our desktop computer never turned back on after the outage. It currently works about as well as a painted cinder block. Also our tablet wouldn’t connect to our Wi-Fi for days. All the bookmarks on my iPhone got mysteriously erased, reappeared, and disappeared again. Weird, right?

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