Calories and Paint

7 Aug

For anyone who was riveted by my quest to use my FitBit to accurately measure my calorie burn in spin class, I bring you an update! Clipping it to my sock seems to be fairly accurate. I’ve been averaging between 500 and 600 calories each class, which is a whole lot closer to my target than that shabby 208 I got while wearing it on my waist. I still don’t know how accurate it is, but I’ll take it. On any machine where I can see an estimation of my calorie burn in front of me (like elliptical, treadmill, or stationary bike), the calories burned is always a good 100 over what the FitBit says. But I figure I’d rather be estimating under my actual calorie burn rather than over, as I will eat every one of those surplus calories, just because I can. It’s like having a little extra money at the end of the month (does that actually happen to anyone?), and having the urge to go out and spend it all, just because it’s there. I am a gold medalist in eating. I am the Michael Phelps of food consumption. All I need is a slight nod from FitBit that I am 600 calories under my daily budget and that fridge is open. So I underestimate to trick my brain. Good thing my brain’s easy to trick. Wait, what?

I’m burying this next part in the middle of my blog that hardly anybody reads because it’s basically tooting my own horn and I’m bad at that sort of thing. Taking a compliment, no matter how small, feels so awkward and usually causes me to go on a rant about another area of my life that needs improvement. Which just makes everyone uncomfortable. Why can’t I just say “thank you” and move on? Anyway, I am proud of myself on this one. As of this morning I have reached a weight that brings me to a BMI in the normal range. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I am not considered to be “slightly overweight”. This is where I could go on about how my BMI is the extreme highest you can have and still be considered “normal”. I will not do it. I’ve worked too hard these past 3 months. Good job, me! Thank you.

For the last several days I’ve been using all my spare time to finish up the painting in our house. One by one we’d done every area except the master bedroom and the hallway. Doesn’t everyone leave the master for last when doing home upgrades? No one’s even gonna see it, why bother?? I know all the relationship experts say you need to spend time making a haven for yourselves, especially for parents of young children. So…white walls, mismatched art, and a baby bouncer in the corner isn’t cutting it? Oh, ok then. Anyway we managed to agree on a really pretty lavender color for the walls that actually accentuates the purple floral drapes that we previously thought were hideous. Turns out they are hideous, when hanging on either side of a bed with a brown patterned comforter. We ditched the brown, brought in a solid dark lavender quilt with white accents, and ta-da! Definitely more haven-like. As for the hallway, I was trying to match the color to the existing paint that we have in the main areas of the house. The paint guy at Home Depot (who I feel compelled to tell you, was dressed to the nines as a Cowboy) assured me it was the same color. It is not. Not a huge deal when you figure the hallway is in different lighting, but there are several areas where I went around the corner slightly with the new color and you can totally see it. Just warning you, in case you come over before I get a chance to fix it.  Anyway, my main point to all that was to say that I burned like 300 calories at each painting session. Score!

ps: I do all the painting in our house. My husband does not and will not paint a wall. Except the part in our dining room where someone accidentally touched the ceiling with the roller and there are paint spots. He did that.

2 Responses to “Calories and Paint”

  1. Kari Howard August 7, 2012 at 2:58 pm #

    Hi Stef, I’ve been reading your blog on the sly (lol) and I love it! You’re posts are awesome. Is the FitBit a heart rate monitor? Because I HAVE to recommend a heart rate monitor. I have the Polar FT4 and it is AMAZING. It comes with an armband that looks like a watch and a band that goes around your body right underneath your chest to measure your heartbeat. I’ve been using it for a few months and it’s awesome. It’s a super accurate read for calories burned and it keeps all your data logged for you. You just fill in a few details like your weight, age, height, and it shows your “target heart rate zone” and it monitors the whole time you work out and tells you the number of calories burned. Just a thought if you wanted to check it out!

    • Stefanie August 7, 2012 at 3:34 pm #

      Hey Kari! I’m so glad you’re reading, I think that brings my reader count up to 5, so yay! 🙂
      The FitBit’s not technically a heart rate monitor. It measures steps taken, stairs climbed, calories burned, pace, miles traveled, and it will track your sleep.
      I’ve heard great things about the Polar FT4. I considered whether to get a true heart rate monitor or the FitBit, but in the end I wanted something I could wear all day long, to track my long term habits, not just for workouts. Course, the price I pay for all day wear is this frustration with inaccurate calories burned. I know some FitBit users have a separate HRM that they will wear along with the FitBit during workouts, but I haven’t quite reached that level of obsession yet, haha.

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