Chicken, Morals, and Money

1 Aug

I don’t know the situation where you are, but today in the suburbs of north Texas the masses are at Chik-Fil-A. Lines are so long, they’re shutting down streets. We have 2 locations within 4 miles of my house and I have heard reports that both are mad crazy today. Ugh, I hesitate to go to CFA on a standard Tuesday “kid’s night”; I shudder to think of going today. Forget about not getting a table — what if they run out of those nifty sticky mats for the kids? What would we do!?

Now, my whole family loves the heck out of this place. Just hearing or reading the name usually starts me on an instant craving that won’t subside until I have it. So as you can imagine the last few days, what with seeing “Chik-Fil-A” all over my Facebook and the news, I have been thinking about that sweet chicken quite a lot lately. We used to go maybe 3 times a month, but these days we really only eat out after church on Sundays and as you MAY know, there is no sweet chicken on Sundays.

Anyway, today for lunch I wasn’t about to go anywhere near the frenzy that was occurring at my neighborhood CFAs. I had a frozen Tyson chicken sandwich at home (It wasn’t frozen when I ate it, I did heat it in the microwave first, just so you know). It was darn good, and I didn’t have to fight a crowd to get it. By the way, if you haven’t tried the Tyson chicken patties, do yourself a solid and pick up a bag. They look like this:


They also come in a box of 4, if you don’t care to hoard them like I do. I know they’re frozen and processed and blah blah blah; I don’t care. They’re so tasty! They go perfectly on a fresh Kroger bakery roll, dijon mustard, ketchup, and 5 or 6 baby spinach leaves. If you feel like a real splurge, throw a piece of cheese on too. I love this lunch with a nice salad after a workout. Today I had it with a small bowl of bowtie pasta and marinara sauce, just because I had come from a particularly challenging spin class and was feeling ravenous.

Anyway I was eating, casually scrolling through my Facebook feed and reading all the thoughtful posts my friends are putting out there on the CFA controversy. Now I completely respect everyone’s right to speak their minds, but it’s mildly humorous how one by one they come out like “I’ve kept silent long enough – I am now going to drop several bombs of knowledge and put a Gandi-esque end to all of this with my Facebook status update!”

 It all got me thinking about the food I was eating that moment. Do I know where the Tyson Chicken Co spends its profit money? Nope. What about the pasta? No clue. The plates? I don’t even remember where we bought them. My clothes, my daughter’s high chair, my son’s soccer ball…? We give our money to so many different entities. Do you know exactly where it’s all going? Can you verify every penny is being used for an end cause that you support? If you can and do, I certainly commend you. I can’t and I don’t. Unfortunately not every company is as transparent as CFA when it comes to their inner beliefs. How do I know the owner of the thrift store I use to buy and sell my kids’ clothes isn’t going home at night and funding a dog-fighting ring? If that was the case, I’d have inadvertently given hundreds of dollars toward something I completely oppose! Or say the owner of my neighborhood gym is totally in line with my beliefs, but once a month he sends money to his brother who markets drugs to kids. How far down the line are we willing to go?

 At the end of the day my thought is, if you’re choosing to cut CFA completely out of your life based on their beliefs and choices, are you willing to take the time to investigate every single transaction you spend your money on? Do you believe that once your money leaves your hand and passes to another in exchange for a good or service, it is no longer in your control? Or do you believe you have a responsibility to make sure that exchange after exchange, your money continues to serve your beliefs and morals?

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