Snack Time!

28 Jun

Along about 3pm comes Snack Time in my house. It’s a real event that merits lots of excitement. The children and I take our places around the kitchen table and enjoy a little “smackrel of something” as Pooh Bear would say.
I always try to come up with something different, and hopefully halfway healthy. As with all avenues of food prep there are hits and misses. Yesterday’s was a hit. I present to you, blueberries and goat cheese on Saltine crackers:

I used about 20 lightly mashed blueberries and an ounce of goat cheese and it made about 6 crackers. You could definitely class it up by using a different kind of cracker. I used Saltines because I have about 600 of them in my pantry.
Anyway, yeah. That was a hit. Next time I’ll share one of my “miss” snacks. They’re equally entertaining.

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