Can I hold the baby?!

27 Jun

This past weekend I went to a certain delicious Mexican restaurant with my husband and children. The place with the salsa that will make you reconsider your life priorities. I accidentally ate 4 servings of chips, using them as a vehicle to get the salsa into my mouth. Unfortunate for my sodium intake. The waiter sent me home with 2 souffle cups full, which are still sitting in my fridge because I can’t decide how to use them. Nothing seems worthy enough.


Anyway, this is not supposed to be about the salsa.

This is about what happened as we were on our way out of the restaurant and passed a table of ladies of varying ages who wanted to have a look at our 11-month old, Juliette. This is nothing new, as any parent of a baby will tell you, especially with baby girls, they are something of a conversation piece. Women, men, teens, the elderly…it’s very sweet and I love it. But this time, as we’re walking by, one of the ladies (maybe the Grandma) says “Let’s have a look at the baby!”. When I turn to her, she has her arms outstretched toward me. It becomes clear she’s emphasizing the word “have”.

Now I’ve been in this situation twice before. And both times I did the wrong thing. Once when my son was an infant, at a restaurant, I handed him to a friend while I ate. The waitress decided she wanted to hold him and plucked him from my friend’s arms and carried him away to show the other servers. I had to chase her down and snatch him back. Yes, my friend felt bad. The other time was when Juliette was maybe 6 months old. We were at a party for my husband’s work and a fellow co-worker of his flat out asked me if he could hold her. I reluctantly handed her over, because what am I going to say? I spent the next 10 minutes standing about six inches away from him making small talk, thinking of nothing except taking my baby back.

So of course I did not hand my daughter to this woman at the Mexican restaurant. I did what any respectable lady would do and I pretended I didn’t hear her. Would it have been okay? Probably. It’s not like she could’ve made a run for it without being caught by myself, my husband, or the restaurant staff. She was probably just a sweet old lady who wanted to hold a baby. It’s sad that the first things I think of when interacting with new people are the dangers the interaction might hold, but I watch the Today show… that’s the world we live in, right?

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