Are you still there? I am.

21 Jun

Well. Hello there!

So it’s 2012, in case you weren’t sure. Almost 3 years after my last blog post. Not sure what exactly happened after that last post. Amnesia? Depression that no one besides my mother ever commented (I love you Ma!)? I appear to have completely forgotten that I even had a blog.

I’m really sad to have lost documentation of the last 3 years. I could’ve had a real nice little diary to look back on. From continuing the journey of trying to sell our house to finally deciding to let go and call Texas our home. Finding an amazing church home and reconnecting with God. My husband finding and devoting his life to the Lord, and thriving in his career. Our son growing into the vibrant 4 year old he is today. The birth of our daughter, who is a month away from her first birthday.

Our cat still vomits on the floor. But now we have wood, so it’s not so bad. Plus strangers no longer traipse through our house regularly, so I don’t care if she does. I once again deal with occasionally stinky cloth diapers, but there was like 2 years there where they were all packed away in a closet and I didn’t have that problem. Unfortunately you missed that. I’m still painfully cheap. I have aged 3 years but amazingly, have retained much of my charm. See, in many ways life is just as it was.

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