Is there a sonographer in the house?

18 Aug

So we all remember Cabbage Patch Kids. The Tickle Me Elmo of the 1980’s. I’m pretty sure one or both of my parents fought the mad mall rush and laid down an inflated fee to get me my dear Elsa Louise for my 7th birthday. I raised my right hand and took my adoptive mother oath very seriously, and diligently took special care of her until I lost interest.

Anyway, I’ve been looking into getting a Cabbage Patch baby for Wilson. Remember when I blogged about that customer at work giving me the dirty look for saying I’d love Wil even if he was gay? Well this was the subject that led to my comment, that led to the look. So as you can see, it’s a pretty important subject. I want to get him a boy doll, and those seem to be kind of rare. I found something called the “Newborn Baby Surprise”. Observe:


You have to wait until you get home and take off the green stuff to see if you got a girl or a boy. I’m not sure that was their best marketing plan though, because (being a former and sometimes current little girl myself) I’m thinking most little girls are going to want a girl baby, and will promptly pitch a fit if they unwrap a bald boy doll.

I’ve studied the doll in the packaging very carefully, and it looks like the girl dolls have a tuft of hair that you can see under the bonnet. I would imagine the boy dolls have a smooth bonnet since they’re bald. The problem is, out of the 3 stores I’ve been to, all the dolls clearly have something under the bonnet. The Hair. So maybe the CB people are marketing wizards after all. They made 99% girls and 1% boys.  Just my luck!

So if anyone reading this happens to be wandering through the dollie section at Target or Walmart or Babies r Us or whatever (as many of you do in your spare time for fun), look for a Newborn Surprise doll and take a look at the bonnet. Now I’m just curious…

One Response to “Is there a sonographer in the house?”

  1. MA August 19, 2009 at 8:34 am #

    you’ve given me a mission!!!! you know how i love that

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