11 Aug

Ugh, where do the days go! I feel like I am perpetually getting into bed and getting out of bed…the in between is a blur most days! Man, that sounded way more depressing than I wanted it to. I guess it’s just that way when you get into a routine. Maybe that’s why I tend not to stay in routines.  The other day my nano shuffled “Killer Queen” to me and when it got to the part where it goes “to avoid complications, she never kept the same address”, I started thinking about how I’ve moved residences every couple of years since 1998. Well complications or no,  I’m looking forward to staying at one address for a while after this next move (it’s always just ONE more move…)

Anyways, despite the fact that I have not been blogging, I have been logging things away in my brain for blogging at a later date. Here are some of the things that have happened to me recently:

– I was terrorized by 4 crickets at once when they cornered me, once again at work. I was opening the store alone, just me and Wil, and they all hopped in at once and proceeded to chirp their legs from all around me. Crickets are nice when you’re out on the porch with some lemonade, but in close indoor quarters they remind me of noisy little roaches. Of course, Wil wanted to pick them up and eat them. I sucked them all up with the vacuum.

-Sesame Street is back in my life, and I couldn’t be happier. All my old friends are still there, they’ve been waiting for me! Big Bird, oh Big Bird, why did we stop talking?? I’ve missed you so much. And Grover!! And Bob, Maria, Luis, Gordon, Susan!! You’re all older but you’re still here. Sesame Street with Wil is my favorite part of each day.

Til next time, xo

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