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I love technology…but not as much as you, you see.

29 Jul

I got a new cell phone last weekend, which has prompted me to be curious about my first cell phone, which I haven’t really thought about in years. A 4 minute google search later, I present to you in all its glory…….the Nokia 2160:

nokia 2160

This little baby…er, I mean big baby, officially made me the coolest kid at Northeast High.  And oh yes, I had it in this ultra radical purple marble color too.  Move over Zack Morris, my awesome purple high school cell phone was way better than your dumb grey one. Oooh you know what would have been way cool? If I would have gotten Mr. Belding to sign this phone when I met him. I will always regret not having my Nokia 2160 with me that night at Planet Hollywood in Atlanta.

Anyway, I wonder whatever became of my first cell phone. Tyson says he remembers seeing it in person at some point, so I had it in my poession until at least 2001. I probably dropped it in the phone recycling bin at Best Buy or something. It would have been nice to hold onto it and show Wilson when he gets older what cell phones used to lo0k like. Since by then humans will most likely have internet-cell phone chips implanted in their teeth. Course, Walt Disney thought we’d all be jetting around in our own personal rocket backpacks by 1985, and we missed that mark BIG time. It’s even 24 years after that and all we’ve got is fashionable Jansport backpacks.  I hate disappointing Walt.


In other news…

12 Jul

I haven’t blogged in a while, and I can’t figure out why. It’s not possible that I have nothing to say; I tend to average about 2.3 million words a day in my daily speaking life.  Besides, as I’ve made clear, this is a blog about nothing, so anyone who may actually read it shouldn’t be surprised to find meaningless ramblings. Maybe it’s just that I have problems concentrating on any one topic. That must be it-too many things swirling around up there. Or maybe it’s because I wish I had more exciting news like “we sold our house!!” That hasn’t happened yet, but tomorrow is another day and who knows what it holds.

In related news, I spent an overwhelmingly long time applying for a job at the corporate office of my beloved Publix yesterday evening. It was a job that utilized my sociology degree perfectly (gasp!) and I thought I’d be a great fit. Sadly, it took them approximately 2.3 minutes to shoot me down by email. Apparently I haven’t got the experience they were looking for. Ouch, unrequited love hurts.

Has anyone seen “The Knowing”? It’s along the same lines as Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, War of the Worlds, that kind of thing. In other words, Earth becomes a charcoal brikette. We watched it tonight and guess what? It’s 12:38am and I’m not sleeping. I predicted this at Blockbuster and I didn’t need a numerical prophecy to do it like Nicolas Cage did.

Anyway, I’m going to go plant some more Farm Town seeds and not think about the probability of the sun frying up the Earth. Here’s a pic of me harvesting my own grapes like a pauper because no one was online for me to hire. Boo!


Bitter, party of 1

3 Jul

I can’t stand packing. Wait, let me rephrase…I can’t stand packing when the fun’s over and I’m leaving. Packing is the best thing ever when you’re getting ready to go on vacation or something.  So I’m sitting here on my in-laws’ couch with toys all over their living room, Kiwi’s crate in their computer room, dirty diapers in their washer, dirty sippy cups in their sink, clothes all over every square inch of the guest room, 1001 toiletry items scattered in the bathroom, and who knows what else that has rolled under the couch that we’ll just end up leaving behind. We’re hitting the road sometime tomorrow morning supposedly, but that’s a little hard to envision right now. I have had such a wonderful week and a half with my family and friends, and am bitter about leaving FL. I think a big part of my bitterness is that our house hasn’t sold while we were gone, and now we have to go back to keeping the house “show ready” while also trying to live in it. We’ve had a good number of showings this week, and it seems like there are some interested parties, but no offers yet. So that has me a little crabby. But I know the right people will come along, and our house will be perfect for them. I know it will happen.

Ok, getting up to help tackle this task!


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