Florida so far.

30 Jun

So we’re rocking around Florida, which has been every bit of wonderful. It feels like we never left, which is the great thing about home.  You can go away for however long, but when you come back things just pick right back up where they left off. We have the greatest friends and the most amazing family in all the world. Seriously, I feel bad for everyone in the world who doesn’t have these friends and this family. If we were at all confused about whether moving back is the right decision, there’s no question at this point.

The weekend was mostly spent at festivities celebrating our friends Kristin and Chris. They got married on Saturday and it was absolutely the most fun wedding I’ve been to in a long while. Kristin was the classic beautiful bride, and the reception was a true party. I hope they’re having a fabulous time on their honeymoon right now!

Kristin and Stef

So far the most drama we’ve had on the trip is when the hotel maid at the Lakeland LaQuinta accidentally threw away half my cloth diaper stash. To be fair, they were in a bag marked LAUNDRY, so I can see how she can mistake them for trash. Could happen to anyone. The great part is LaQuinta has great customer service and really took care of us. They comped our stay and are reimbursing me for new diapers. I’m excited because now I can get some GroBaby diapers, which I have been wanting to try since they came out. They’re kind of like the next year’s model of cloth diaper. Observe:

gro baby


I have been having WiFi problems since we left Texas, which is really unfortunate. My Farm Town crops took the brunt of the pain. I had embarassing crop rot and I am now in the rebuilding phase. I have basically been on the internet since we got to Jacksonville, which means I really have to get off and spend some face to face time with the people around me. As Erin would say, “Internet Cafe time is OVER!”

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