20 Jun

I’m in trouble. A Vera Bradley store just opened up in Southlake, which so happens to be right between my house and my place of part-time employment. This is bad. The one thing keeping me from going berzerk on some Vera was the fact that there were no VB stores in the vicinity. I know I said before that I am frugal, and I am, but this is a disease. I lose all control of my mind when I’m around all those beautiful colors. But with the trip coming up and all, I told myself (and my hubby) I would not buy anything, and I would remain at the controls of my mind.

So I walk into the store, and I just have to take a minute because it’s so amazing inside. My self-control starts to wane.  I ripped a pic from their Twitter, which does it no justice but just for the purpose of you being able to picture it, here it is:


What is up with that wallpaper, right?? I love it. I want to wallpaper my whole house in that pattern. So anyway a lady meets me at the door (it may have been Vera herself) and says those 6 magical words to me: “Welcome, come get your free gift!”  She let me pick my favorite pattern and I ended up with this little gem:


I’m still plotting its life purpose, but I’ll find something.

After the free gift incident, my comittment to not buy anything is a distant memory. I must repay their kindness for giving me the free gift! Especially since they offered me water while I shopped. It would be barbaric and rude not to at least buy something small.  So after much careful consideration, I settled on a flat iron cover in their newest pattern: Pirouette. I hadn’t really planned on ever getting a flat iron cover, but when I awoke to conciousness after paying and leaving the store, that’s what I had.  I am pleased with the newest addition to my Vera family, she fits in well. Just for good times sake, I decided to get all my babies together for a family photo.  Aw, they grow up so fast…


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