Who do they think I am, Donald Trump?

11 Jun

You’ll have to forgive me if I make a typo. I just got back from the eye doctor and my eyes are dilated and kind of jacked up. Apparently they have this new technology for digitally scanning the back of your eye where they don’t have to put the dilation drops in. No drops = no blurriness and no light sensitivity. The catch, you ask? It’s $35 and insurance won’t pay a penny. The old me (I would define the “old me” as pre-baby, but I’m pretty sure there were other catalysts to my switch to frugality) would have gone for it without thinking twice, seeing $35 as chump change for a minor convenience. The now-me sat in the waiting room and went back and forth for 10 minutes on the pros and cons, finally deciding I would rather suffer for a couple hours and keep my precious $35.

Here are a few things I’d rather spend $35 on (but probably won’t because I’m cheap):

  • a spa pedicure
  • 2 new dresses from Ross
  • 35 new songs for my ipod
  • a pair of bike shorts with padding in the butt
  • new reefs
  • a Vera Bradley lunch tote

So while these items swam in front of my then-un-blurry eyes, I checked the “thanks but no thanks, I’ll take the old school drops” box. I’m pretty sure the doctor and her staff judged me for opting out of the digital space machine for money reasons (what other reason could I possibly have?).  You know they were scrambling to even find the drops because they haven’t used them since 2004, and then we all had to wait 15 minutes for my eyes to dilate while they’re all checking their watches and cursing my cheapness.

So now I’m home and the effects of the dinosaur drops are wearing off, and I am super happy I still have my $35. What should I spend it on? Hmm, better just leave that kind of money in the bank.


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