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Florida so far.

30 Jun

So we’re rocking around Florida, which has been every bit of wonderful. It feels like we never left, which is the great thing about home.  You can go away for however long, but when you come back things just pick right back up where they left off. We have the greatest friends and the most amazing family in all the world. Seriously, I feel bad for everyone in the world who doesn’t have these friends and this family. If we were at all confused about whether moving back is the right decision, there’s no question at this point.

The weekend was mostly spent at festivities celebrating our friends Kristin and Chris. They got married on Saturday and it was absolutely the most fun wedding I’ve been to in a long while. Kristin was the classic beautiful bride, and the reception was a true party. I hope they’re having a fabulous time on their honeymoon right now!

Kristin and Stef

So far the most drama we’ve had on the trip is when the hotel maid at the Lakeland LaQuinta accidentally threw away half my cloth diaper stash. To be fair, they were in a bag marked LAUNDRY, so I can see how she can mistake them for trash. Could happen to anyone. The great part is LaQuinta has great customer service and really took care of us. They comped our stay and are reimbursing me for new diapers. I’m excited because now I can get some GroBaby diapers, which I have been wanting to try since they came out. They’re kind of like the next year’s model of cloth diaper. Observe:

gro baby


I have been having WiFi problems since we left Texas, which is really unfortunate. My Farm Town crops took the brunt of the pain. I had embarassing crop rot and I am now in the rebuilding phase. I have basically been on the internet since we got to Jacksonville, which means I really have to get off and spend some face to face time with the people around me. As Erin would say, “Internet Cafe time is OVER!”



20 Jun

I’m in trouble. A Vera Bradley store just opened up in Southlake, which so happens to be right between my house and my place of part-time employment. This is bad. The one thing keeping me from going berzerk on some Vera was the fact that there were no VB stores in the vicinity. I know I said before that I am frugal, and I am, but this is a disease. I lose all control of my mind when I’m around all those beautiful colors. But with the trip coming up and all, I told myself (and my hubby) I would not buy anything, and I would remain at the controls of my mind.

So I walk into the store, and I just have to take a minute because it’s so amazing inside. My self-control starts to wane.  I ripped a pic from their Twitter, which does it no justice but just for the purpose of you being able to picture it, here it is:


What is up with that wallpaper, right?? I love it. I want to wallpaper my whole house in that pattern. So anyway a lady meets me at the door (it may have been Vera herself) and says those 6 magical words to me: “Welcome, come get your free gift!”  She let me pick my favorite pattern and I ended up with this little gem:


I’m still plotting its life purpose, but I’ll find something.

After the free gift incident, my comittment to not buy anything is a distant memory. I must repay their kindness for giving me the free gift! Especially since they offered me water while I shopped. It would be barbaric and rude not to at least buy something small.  So after much careful consideration, I settled on a flat iron cover in their newest pattern: Pirouette. I hadn’t really planned on ever getting a flat iron cover, but when I awoke to conciousness after paying and leaving the store, that’s what I had.  I am pleased with the newest addition to my Vera family, she fits in well. Just for good times sake, I decided to get all my babies together for a family photo.  Aw, they grow up so fast…


Road Trip!

18 Jun

We’re leaving for Florida on Wednesday, and I still don’t have luggage for Wilson. That’s actually the least of my worries as far as preparation, but I choose to focus on that because it’s pretty easy to fix. We’ve decided to drive there rather than fly, so that’s part of the stress. Last time we drove from FL to TX was when we moved, and after that I swore I’d never do it again, but I figure it’s like childbirth. You forget what a nightmare the bad parts were and pretty soon you’re all about doing it again. Road trips are fun, I love staying in hotel rooms, eating junk food, listening to books on tape, and all that. Last time we made this drive I was 6 months pregnant, so that was a drag. I had to stop and pee every 45 minutes, and never did get comfortable.  This time all we have to fear is the 15-month-old in the back seat. I’m trying to be optimistic, but I have this sinking fear it’s going to take us several days and possibly a sweedish massage to decompress from the drive.

The great thing is that while we’re gone our realtor will hopefully show the heck out of our house and get it sold. This business of getting everything back in its place and perfect every morning before I leave is already getting old.

All of my house is a stage

15 Jun

I have just spent the weekend making my house beautiful for the benefit of others. Otherwise known as staging.

Our home is going on the market next week and this weekend has been primarily spent making our home look like a pottery barn catalog.  Well ok, not pottery barn, but definitely Garden Ridge, if they put out a catalog. The thing that has been bugging me is that we always had excuses not to spruce up our home back after we moved in. We didn’t want to spend the money, we don’t really have many visitors anyway, why bother, bleh blah. Like it wouldn’t be worth it if only we got to enjoy it.  But now that we’ve put in the effort, it looks fab! I find myself trying to take snapshots of various parts of the house so I can re-create the decor after we move.

I love the amazingness of Garden Ridge. I love living in a world where you can buy a complete bath towel set for less than a Big Mac. And yes, I also had a Big Mac this weekend, and it was divine.


Who do they think I am, Donald Trump?

11 Jun

You’ll have to forgive me if I make a typo. I just got back from the eye doctor and my eyes are dilated and kind of jacked up. Apparently they have this new technology for digitally scanning the back of your eye where they don’t have to put the dilation drops in. No drops = no blurriness and no light sensitivity. The catch, you ask? It’s $35 and insurance won’t pay a penny. The old me (I would define the “old me” as pre-baby, but I’m pretty sure there were other catalysts to my switch to frugality) would have gone for it without thinking twice, seeing $35 as chump change for a minor convenience. The now-me sat in the waiting room and went back and forth for 10 minutes on the pros and cons, finally deciding I would rather suffer for a couple hours and keep my precious $35.

Here are a few things I’d rather spend $35 on (but probably won’t because I’m cheap):

  • a spa pedicure
  • 2 new dresses from Ross
  • 35 new songs for my ipod
  • a pair of bike shorts with padding in the butt
  • new reefs
  • a Vera Bradley lunch tote

So while these items swam in front of my then-un-blurry eyes, I checked the “thanks but no thanks, I’ll take the old school drops” box. I’m pretty sure the doctor and her staff judged me for opting out of the digital space machine for money reasons (what other reason could I possibly have?).  You know they were scrambling to even find the drops because they haven’t used them since 2004, and then we all had to wait 15 minutes for my eyes to dilate while they’re all checking their watches and cursing my cheapness.

So now I’m home and the effects of the dinosaur drops are wearing off, and I am super happy I still have my $35. What should I spend it on? Hmm, better just leave that kind of money in the bank.


Well…here we are.

9 Jun

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a blog for years now. Back when I had a MySpace I made a few entries in my “blurb” section, which felt good, but I soon realized that since I am not in a band or afflilated with adult films,  I had to shut ‘er down.  So last week my employer asked me to make a blog for her store, which I did, and during that process I started thinking about how it really is time for me to finally jump on board and create one of my own. Plus I sometimes hear about these people who started these little blogs about whatever,  and all of a sudden they have a million followers and they’re a guest on Oprah. But I don’t want to put too much pressure on my little bloggie. How’s bout I just write some stuff about my life and you read it if you want to. Mmmkay?


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